Professional Storage

By analyzing and recognizing your needs we can offer a tailored solution, whether you are looking for storage in bulk, on shelves, in racks or with special security standards                                                                                                                                                               .

Cross Docking

To outsource your company’s logistics service is a big decision and requires a third party logistics provider with proven expertise. In Scan Global Logistics we have the experience to support your business and can challenge your process from supplier’s producer to customer’s customer in order to get an even more efficient supply chain.

Professional Distribution

Are you in a market where you need the possibility to expand or have seasonal fluctuations? We can meet these needs by providing a flexible warehouse solution and giving you a logistical advantage.

Dedicated Warehouses

We are providing high level professional warehousing services and care that is the assurance of the safe arrival of your product anywhere, anytime. Through our integrated inventory management system, we not only provide control on a worldwide basis but also allow customers to supplement and redistribute cargo


Special warehousing facilities for containerized, refrigerated and hazardous materials.

Adequate insured private warehousing space.

Safe storage of goods.

Control checks on entry & exit of goods.

Helps our clients to reduce fixed overheads, increase efficiency



Barcode Scanning EDI interface – storage and inventory updates Humidity and temperature controlled warehouse facilities Sample and re-sampling Labeling, Hang Tags, Price Tags, Price Labels Repacking Gift box packaging, Displays, Company gifts

Your Products are Always Available 98%
Materials Handling Equipment. 80%
High Transparency 70%
Outgoing Shipment 65%